Life's short for complexity

Learn IFRS, financial modeling, and valuation in a way that makes complete sense.


My free webinars provide a conceptual understanding.


Provide an opportunity to zoom in with friendly explanations.


Full interative learning experience in live online sessions.

Your mind is capable of more. Achieve it.

Need to wrap your head around something?

To be honest, you are a little too early. I’m still developing my learning resources with the objective of significantly easing your learning process.


Right now, I’m totally drilling down on IFRS 17.


Let's make International Financial Reporting Standards easy to understand. My aim is to create definitive guide for each standard that will contain friendly explanations as well as clear examples. Don't forget to check FAQs.

Corporate Finance Masterclass

From basic concepts to advanced application, your guide along your corporate finance journey. Our content will cover important theory as well as practical examples and excel models.

Not your usual coach...

I love being creative and always prefer to keep it casual and friendly. Anything related to finance can get pretty rude pretty fast.

For me, it will always be “concept-first”. Very vivid examples make it easier for our primitive minds to grab the modalities. Once the core points are solidified, we can then start to generalize. That’s where technical definitions come in.